Young European Spirit

Rethinking Europe


The European Union needs a young revolution.


The European Union is the most important political project of our time. But instead of developing it further, it has been allowed to falter. The member states lack common goals and a common understanding of European values; the EU lacks an idea for its and our future. So it is high time we brought it forward again!

The foundation of a German party with a clear European political orientation is long overdue. For us, this means to be the first party to consistently place pan-European interests before German interests. The future is no longer to be found in the solutions of individual states: The future can be found in more Europe.

Inventory: It's going in the wrong direction!

The European Union is in crisis.

In the member states, increasingly critical European and nationalist movements are gaining strength. This is paradoxical, because today life knows fewer borders than ever before. Nevertheless, the nation states show little interest in putting their own interests aside in order to achieve the best possible sustainable results for the Union and our future. On the contrary, it is emphasised in the capitals that they have successfully represented and defended their own interests in Brussels - to the detriment of the whole.

Our solution: A real European party

It is time for MEPs to represent the interests of Europe and not primarily the interests of their sending countries.

We want to put Europe in the foreground, stand up for European interests and bring the European Union forward! European ideas need genuine European parties to represent them. Umbrella organisations of national parties, currently the highest of feelings, are not enough to achieve this goal. Only in this way can decisions be made for the good of EU progress, and not for the good of the best national lobbyists. We want to develop the EU further with this goal in mind. In doing so, we are deliberately opposing nationalist and right-wing populist parties and their ideas. We do not want to fit into the typical and well-known party spectrum - we want to be there for all Europeans who say "YES" to more Europe! Europe needs a driving force that highlights the value and advantages of the Union. We want to be that driving force!


Putting European overall interests before national individual interests!

The European Parliament currently consists only of members of national parties who primarily represent the interests of their sending countries. It is time that we MEPs gave the opportunity to defend the interests of all Europeans and to stand up for all citizens of the Union: Through parties that can be elected throughout Europe. Through a strengthened Parliament. By abolishing the Council of the European Union.


Dare more Europe!

The European Union needs more decision-making powers in those policy areas where national room for manoeuvre meets transnational challenges. Climate change, digitalisation or refugee crises do not stop at national borders. Challenges, on the other hand, which can be addressed with national policies, should continue to be discussed and dealt with nationally.


Understanding Europe as a community of values!

The values of the European Union must once again come to the fore as the foundation of our political cooperation. Democracy, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, the rule of law, tolerance: the second article of the EU Treaty must form the heart of Europe's self-image - not just the internal market or monetary union. We want to deepen cooperation at European level in an open European core with those states that commit themselves to these values in the long term.

Our mission is: Europe!

We are on our way to changing the European Union! We want to shape the future of the European Union and actively defend the values for which the EU stands. We are committed to making the most important project in European history fit for the future and to putting the well-being of all EU citizens first.
In order to achieve these goals, we are looking for committed Europeans who will join us on the road - to enable genuine European parties and revolutionise the European Union. Become a member of !YES!

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