Our board of directors/
our management

Jonathan Lessing

Spokesman of the Executive Board

Hello, My name is Jonathan and I lead !YES as a member of the four-member federal board. Born 1996 in the Bergisches Land -a region between Wuppertal and Cologne-, I have been living and working in Düsseldorf since 2014. In the meantime the city has grown so close to my heart that I offer international Free Walking Tours. As a graduate economist I work in a Düsseldorf bank and also volunteer my time for cultural activities in Europe: at AEGEE-Düsseldorf, a student association for exchange and cultural understanding. I am convinced that we must stand up for our Europe - in everyday life, in voluntary work, in politics!

Katharina Hartz

Member of the Management Board

Hello, my name is Katharina and I am 22 years old. Like Jonathan, Tobias and Nik I am a member of the !YES board. At the moment I live in Aachen and I study mechanical engineering. In the first semester of my studies I got to know the student association AEGEE - a European student forum. As a member of this organization I made contacts all over Europe and travelled to the remotest corners of the continent. Of course I already knew that I enjoy incredible privileges as an EU citizen, but only because of the travels, the acquaintances and not at least because of the vibrant democracy of our organization, I became even more aware of how positively the EU influences my life. With disappointment and anger I therefore perceived the developments of the nationalist movements in Europe, which have become ever larger and more powerful in the recent years. Out of the conviction that it is time to oppose this development with a strong voice, I will no longer be passively annoyed by populist slogans, but I will actively and politically support my vision for a strong, democratic and self-confident Europe. With !YES I want to shape the future of the European Union and actively defend the values of our European Union: respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law.

Tobias Uelpenich

Member of the Management Board

Hello, my name is Tobias, I am 23 years old and a member of the board of Young European Spirit. I live in Kürten (which is located in the Bergisches Land, near Cologne) and I am currently in the last semester of my study of social sciences at the University of Cologne. Outside of my studies and my involvement with !YES, I am mainly active in sports and related youth work. For example, I have been training the youth of a table tennis club for almost five years now and have been part of the association's board since 2014, which I have chaired since 2018. Why do I get involved politically with !YES? Because much of what we now consider commonplace is important EU achievements that need to be defended against the emerging nationalist forces in the Union! Peace, freedom of movement and economic prosperity are not least due to the EU and must not be taken for granted. Together with !YES, I want to fight for the interests of EU citizens and for a strong, self-confident and democratic Europe!

Nik Hüwe

Member of the Board

Hello, I am Nik and 22 years old. I work in a bank as a credit analyst and am part of the federal board of !YES as a treasurer. I am committed to my vision of a more democratic EU in which certain issues are focused on at the European level. Because I am convinced that there are challenges that can no longer be met with national funds in the long run. Conversely, I also think that the fields in which a trans-European approach does not make sense should continue to be dealt with at the national level. In addition to my commitment to !YES, I am enthusiastic about travelling and in winter I enjoy snowboarding in the mountains. In Düsseldorf I like bouldering and playing football.

Maya Tielemann

Human Resources

Hello! I'm Maya and here's some info about me: I am 22 years old and I am studying industrial engineering at RWTH Aachen University. Next to my studies and !YES I am also involved in a European student association, AEGEE. Through this association, I got to know some of my colleagues from !YES, because we already worked together there on other projects. For !YES, I am in the position of Human Resources responsible. Membership management is an activity that I enjoy a lot and in which I could gain a lot of experience through my work in AEGEE. I am an open-minded and sociable person who is creative and strives for improvement. My main motivation to be a part of !YES is that I see Europe in a critical phase and hope that through my pro-European engagement I can bring the great opportunities that the European Union offers us into the public focus, further develop and improve.

Linus Hartz

Infomation Technology

Hello, my name is Linus, I am 20 years old and I take care of IT at Young European Spirit. In addition to my chemical engineering studies, I am currently working with the other members of !YES to provide a united and strong future for the European Union. My motivation for the engagement at !YES is the possibility to actively shape politics and to give my opinion a voice. Now is the time to fight for a revolutionized and collaborating federation of states, every member can benefit from. Everyone who brings along experiences in the area of IT or simply wants to help me, can write me gladly an EMail - there is always something to do ;) linus.hartz@youngeuropeanspirit.eu.